Jonas Brothers Ready To Get Back On the Road


-The Jonas Brothers chatted with the LA Times about their new tour, their show, what songs they’d like to cover and more. They also talk about the “South Park” episode and being referenced on “Family Guy.”

On Being Excited to Tour: Because we’ve been shooting a tv show for Disney Channel for the past couple months, we’re so excited to get out there and play shows for our fans.

On what they learned from watching their movie: You really watch yourself when you’re on stage. You are critiquing yourself here and there…It’s helpful and it’s also kind of funny to see. And we’ve always said we’d love to see one of our shows from the front row.

On what songs they’ll be covering: We’re still in the early stages so we’re not even sure. There’s some cool ideas…so you don’t know what to expect. We like to mix it up.

On the new album: We’re almost done. We have about 3 or 4 more tracks to record…we kind of write how we’re feeling and then record them all and pick our favorites.

Check out the rest of the great interview below.