Ashley Tisdale Talks New Album With Popstar


Ashley Tisdsale visited Popstar! yesterday to chat about her new album, Guilty Pleasure. Find out her favorite song from the album and what you can expect from it below. It drops on June 16th!

They also chatted with her about if she feels overprotective of the Disney starlets like Miley:

“I never really dive into what anyone else is doing because I don’t really know the new [girls]. I knew Selena a little bit because she was on our show but I don’t really know her that well. But Miley is like my little sister so for her I feel like I have to say, it’s really hard what she’s doing. She’s 16 years old and she’s put in this situation where everyone is watching every move and that’s hard.

I think she’s handling it really beautifully. I think that people just say so many things and its like, ‘Come on, she’s a little girl!’ And she calls me her big sis because she knows I’m always there for her no matter what because that family is the most supportive family that I’ve ever met in this business. And I just feel that she’s grounded—she’s completely grounded. And of course I’ll give her advice and stuff but I cant even imagine at her age—Im glad success came later for me in life. Being that young and handling all that is really hard and I think she handles it really well.”