Honor Society Fan Joke Turns Real


SO-M reader Marisa (pictured above with Nick from Push Play) sent us a great story about meeting Honor Society “by accident” before their big show at Irving Plaza in February:

“We got to the show like 6 hours early to wait on line and to keep ourselves entertained, we decided to play a joke on people. So me and my friend ran down the street and walked really fast and turned a corner and stopped. And we were laughing soo hard. So then we came running back around the corner and were like yelling at my friend for our camera, cuz it was a joke. haha we were like “the jonas brothers are down thereee!” and all these girls were looking at us. Then we ran back around the corner and stopped and like 10 girls followed us. haha but it was a joke. Then i wanted to do it to the other side, and none of my friends wanted to go with me. but my friend tori ended up going. So we went runninggg down the other side with our cameras, not saying anything and no one followed. So we turned the corner to stop and laughh, and we look across the street and HONOR SOCIETY WAS STANDING THERE. YA! What turned out to be a joke was reall! and we were like the only ones talking to them! so i got hugs from michael and jason and alex put me on alexcam! and thats a guy from shineon media recording us!

It was flipping amazingggg. i was sobbing when we ran back. and haha no one believed us cuz we had just played a joke on everyone. it was like the boy who cried wolf! ahaha. it was amazing. no words can describe it. =]”

She also sent in some pics with one of her other favorite bands, Push Play. Click inside for more pics. Keep sending your fan encounters to tipsatsom@gmail.com.