Ashley Tisdale Chats With Twist


Ashley Tisdale dropped by the Twist offices to chat about her new album. Check out a video below.

Ashley also dished about her music video: “We shot the video from like three in the afternoon until seven in the morning! They even brought Coffee Bean mix so I could stay up to shoot. I was so excited though. Adam Gregory from 90210 plays my ex-boyfriend who cheats on me, poor guy! He’s a really nice guy in real life. My friends think he’s adorable and obviously he’s very cute. The video’s all about getting the best revenge on a guy who cheats on you. So in the video, he leaves his house and I get the hideaway key, so I go into his house. And then I let people in and I have this party at his house and everyone’s throwing things — and there’s also these gorgeous Brazilian male models and I’m taking pictures with them! And then I have this huge rock out performance in the pool where it’s like my whole band’s in the pool on platforms. It was really exciting.”

Are you excited for her new album?