Fan Spotlight Tuesday Part 2


-Back with some more fan pics! SO-M reader Shelby R. got to meet Jesse McCartney & One Republic. She also sent in some pics of Varsity Fanclub, Jonas and more.

Francesca from Miami sent in some pics of the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and the Veronicas at the West Palm Beach stop on the Burnin’ Up tour. She even sat near Matt Damon (More inside)

Shelby M. sent in some old Jonas pics from the Strawberry Festival in 2007: “During the strawberry festival, the boys had announced that there would be a meet and greet for someone who bought merch! So, i bought a shirt, but my friends couldn’t. So i was on my own at that point to meet my favorite band! While i was waiting in the line, as the security was checking that people bought things, they thought i was lying about buying it! So, i wasbout to start crying when PAPA JONAS comes over and tells the security to let me back to meet the boys. (go papa jonas! haha) While i was waiting in line, i start to get towards the front, and i saw the boys meeting other fans. I started to freak, but of corse i wanted to stay cool so they didn’t think i was crazy or something. Haha, WELL. Kevin was first in line to meet. As i get up to him, i think i’m fine, but right after he said “Hey! I’m kevin, and you are?” I blurted out “Hi, i’m Kevin–Oh my gosh, i’m so stupid! Uh, i’m shelby.” so he smiles and says really sweetly, “No, no! You’re not stupid! it’s okay!” Then i look at joe and he’s laughing. Then i get to nick, and he says “Hi, i’m nick.” and this time i got my name right. “Hi i’m shelby, nice to meet you!” Then he smiled at me and told me that he really liked my name, and i got a hug. He signed my shirt when kevin was done. When i got to Joe he laughed at me! Not meanly, just like he thought it was funny i guess. So i say “it’s not funny!” and he signes my shirt and says, “No, it’s not funny. It was nice meeting you shelby. Hope to see you at another show sometime!” Sadly, i didn’t have enough money to get a picture, and the security wouldn’t let me use my camera to take it. But it’s okay! Two days later i decided to comment them and i didn’t expect to get a comment back! But here it is!” (More pics inside)

Erin V from NY met the boys back at the Carnival For A Cure in ’07 and another Erin was lucky enough to stand right behind JB when they were on the CBS Early Show (She’s in the JB Hoodie)

Alex got to meet JB bff Maya at their concert at Hershey Park and also snapped a few pics of the boys backstage from her seat! She also sent in a video when she met Emily Osment.

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