Fan Spotlight Tuesday Part 1


SO-M reader Meike sent in some awesome drawings she did of the Jonas Brothers. Click on the more link at the end of the post to see her other awesome drawings.

We’re also finally going through our e-mail and we’ll be posting some of the fan encounters and pictures you’ve sent us.

KC recently met Jesse McCartney at his show at Bogart’s in Cincinnati. She told us: “I get taken into this hallway back stage and leads to a small room where he was standing. I wait for my 3 friends to take their pictures and then i walk up. He says “Hey I’m Jesse” and held out his hand. so i walk to his side and take out picture. I asked for a hug after our picture was taken, he laughed and said “ahhhh no, it was nice meeting you” and held out his hand for me to shake. haha but he had soft hands! It was all made better by him singing “Beautiful Soul” and “She’s No You” untill he pulled up this girl who was wearing a super short skirt and strapless top and was legit all over her, on top of her and everything. then gave her like a 2 minute hug. Which upset me so much haha. He thanked his fans which made me even more mad, so i screamed. “why not hug them then?” but OH WELL. I’m not trying to hate on him. I love Jesse to death, I’m just confused why he wouldn’t hug anybody……”

Toree was lucky enough to meet Selena Gomez in Hawaii. Here’s what she tells us: “I was going to Hawaii and i spotted Selena Gomez at Hawaii International Airport =D. We were on the same airplane which was amazing! The sad part was when i was boarding the plane she Ran…Out of breath because she forgot her inhaler on the seat in the airport. Thankfully she got back on time with her inhaler. Other then that she was so nice. She also signed my yearbook and said my name was pretty. Even though it looks like she was exhausted she still took a picture with me. I was afraid to approach her because i thought she would diss me or something but she is really Nice and giving. Thank you Selena and Shine On Media!!!”

Do you have a fan encounter you want to share? How about fanart? Met any celebs? Send in your stories, pics, videos, etc to You might see them posted here! Also feel free to send news tips, sightings, etc. Stay tuned for another Fan Spotlight post later today! Thanks to everyone who has sent us stories!

Click inside for more of Meike’s drawings…