Popstar Chats with Mitchel & Tiffany


Popstar! Magazine recently chatted with Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton on the set of their music video for “Let It Go.” Check out some of it below.

Popstar!: Can you tell us about the concept of today’s music video?

Mitchel: Today’s concept for the video is…it’s actually an easier music video because it’s just all green screen, so they’re going to be putting a bunch of clips and all sorts of stuff behind us, I guess. But all it is for this music video, I guess, is just figuring out angles and shots because they have to have enough so it doesn’t look too like green screen with just one shot at all times.

It’s not really like a song I’ve ever done because it’s more of a rocky, jumpy, announcer-kind of song. When I first heard it, I thought, “This is going to be great!” and then I heard Tiffany was going to be the girl on it and I was like, “That’s even better!” It’s been months since we shot Hatching Pete—I mean, it’s been a long, long time—so we’re finally getting around to the music video. Hopefully the music video drops and everybody likes it.

Overall, the concept is all just about letting go and having fun—that’s the whole concept and idea.

Popstar!: What was it like working musically with Tiffany?

Mitchel: Great! Awesome! Recording was awesome because actually, the guy who recorded this song is one of my producers. Tiffany’s amazing. She’s got a great voice, she’s superfunny, high-energy, she’s a total pro…so it’s always nice when I have an opportunity to work with her because the months in Utah with her were just so easy—everything was so quick. I already knew what to expect when I was working with her, but other than that, the song is fun, the song is really catchy and exciting and hopefully everybody likes the music video.

Popstar!: What was it like working with Mitchel on this song?

Tiffany: Oh, so much fun! We tried to beat each other in studio time and I beat him! I think it took him a half hour to record his stuff and it only took me twenty minutes—ha! Yeah, but no, Mitchel is a sweetheart! We’re both from Texas, so we have that in common, and we have that in common with a lot of people on the Disney Channel. He’s great!

Popstar!: How did it come to be that you two were going to do this duet together?

Tiffany: Well, I didn’t even know. I went into Disney to sing for them like two days before I left to go to Utah to do this movie just so they would know that I was singing ’cause I had just really gotten into the Disney family. I found out like two weeks into filming. Mitchel knew before me and kind of blew it. He was like, “Yeah, we’re going to do this song!” And I’m like, “That’s funny!” I just thought he was joking—and then I was confirmed. My manager called me and I was like, “Oh, my gosh!” and I called my mom and she started crying and so yeah, we were both really excited about it. On set we talked about it all the time!

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