Taylor Swift Can’t Stop Writing Songs


Taylor Swift updated her myspace blog and discussed how she’s been in the studio already, the Houston Rodeo, how she’s excited for her tour and more!

Houston Rodeo and a giant stage.

I’m wiped out. I’ve been in the studio all day ( I know, I know.. We JUST put out a new album. I think I have a problem, I cannot stop writing songs.) It’s so much fun knowing that you can take your time, because you have like a year and a half to make something you’re really proud of. I love recording a few songs, waiting a few months, recording a few more.. Instead of devoting a few weeks to “record the album” and then it’s just done. I like dragging it out, that way you can be meticulous about every detail. Daydream about different ways to put the songs together, and then take them apart. I’m pretty obsessed with the whole process. So needless to say, it was good to be back in the studio with my redheaded producer who I missed terribly.

Tomorrow I play the Houston Rodeo for the first time in my life. I’ve heard about it since I was born because my mom’s from Houston. They’re telling me really crazy things about the ticket sales so far, and I’m kind of in shock about how many of your beautiful faces I’m going to be seeing tomorrow. 🙂 I’m really excited about it, and I’d love to see you there!

When we get back from Texas, I go straight into tour rehearsals for the Fearless tour. (!!!!) I can’t believe this is actually.. really… happening. They’ve set my stage up in this giant, massive warehouse and apparently it’s really something. Considering that the stage was originally inspired from a drawing I made a few years ago, I’ll be the most excited person in the room when we go over and see it for the first time. Then we start the hard part: Putting the show together.

Again, I know I say thank you every 4 seconds, but.. guys.. Thanks for all of this.

Wish me luck. See you in Houston 🙂


Are you planning on seeing Taylor this summer on the “Fearless” tour?