Taylor Swift is Changing America


Taylor Swift has been named to the number 100 spot on RollingStone’s list of people who are changing America:

Taylor Swift: The first teen-pop star who seems to get what it means to be a teenager

WHAT SHE’S CHANGING: At 19, the biggest star in country and teen pop has managed to keep her head on straight — no drinking, no smoking, no limousine peekaboo — without seeming like a prude. Swift has given country music a new audience: teen girls who identify with her wholesome persona as much as her music.

TWEET: “Rehearsals today with Miley. We ate an entire pizza in about five minutes.”

Taylor also uploaded a new photo to her myspace yesterday with the caption: “Austin and Taylor, I want a picture of you two together in front of the planes…” Just like when we were four.