Cole & Dylan Visit the Bonnie Hunt Show


Cole & Dylan Sprouse paid a visit to “The Bonnie Hunt Show” on Thursday morning to promote “The Suite Life On Deck.”

On the Show:: A lot of us actually knew we were going to have a spin-off of the show for a while…Disney really wanted to highlight that we’re growing up a lot and they want to show us getting responsible.

On Public School vs Home School: We actually did go to regular school from preschool up to 7th grade. We liked public school a whole lot more. There’s the perks like only 3 hours a day of school, which is nice.

On Girlfriends: No, we’re lonely. We have crushes. [Cole] I’m a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend.

On backing into Ray J’s car: Ray J lives up the street from us. [Price of Ray J’s car around $160,000] We haven’t talked much about me backing into his car…I know it’s his because it’s right in front of his house. The worst part was I had to walk out and knock on his door and give him the bad news.