Jesse McCartney Hits Up Austin


Jesse McCartney performed for about 50 lucky fans at the Gibson Showroom in Austin, TX on Tuesday. Jesse was at the Gibson Showroom as part of the GRAMMY SoundChecks program. Jesse chatted about his career and then performed a few songs for the crowd:

“I was in a really short lived boy band when I was 13 years old — like eight, nine years ago,” he said.

McCartney says he managed to survive the boy band image and keep his career going. He says music was in his blood at a very early age.

“One of the first records I pulled out was Elvis Presley, and he was like this really soulful white guy, and I was like, ‘I am going to do that,'” he said.

McCartney says he likes singing because it is a form of expression without boundaries.

“In Japan, for instance, I don’t speak any Japanese — it’s a really difficult language — but it’s like when you get up on stage and they are singing along, it’s that one opportunity that we have to connect with each other. I really enjoy that more than anything,” he said.

Jesse will be performing at the Rodeo Austin tonight and he will be appearing on Live With Regis and Kelly during the week of April 6-9, as will Miley Cyrus: April 6-9, “Live” heads down south to visit the beautiful city of New Orleans. Joining Regis and Kelly in the Crescent City will be teen sensation Miley Cyrus and country star Billy Ray Cyrus, along with New Orleans’ own world-famous chef Emeril Lagasse. Also appearing will be two of New Orleans’ sports superstars, Reggie Bush, Heisman Trophy winner and running back with the New Orleans Saints, and NBA standout Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. Actor Harry Hamlin will stop by, singer/actor Jesse McCartney will perform on the “Live” stage, and Regis and Kelly will welcome another “American Idol” finalist.

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