Taylor Swift: “I Have Nightmares That I’m Convicted Of A Crime I Didn’t Commit”


Taylor Swift is making the press rounds in Australia. She spoke to News.com.au recently:

On What Fearless Means: To me fearless doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re completely unafraid. I think it means you have a lot of fears but you jump anyway.

On Her Fears: I do have nightmares though sometimes, that I’m convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. That’s like a huge fear of mine. I don’t know why. I think I’m afraid of rules more than anything.

On the Paparazzi: I have days like that where I literally do feel like it’s just sort of like alright, let’s see if we can all take pictures of her and catch something horrible that she does. I know that at some point in my life, being that I am a human being, I’m going to do something stupid. it’s bound to happen. For me, I just try to use my head as much as possible. I try to just be myself, try to be a good person. Try hard not to have those days where I base so much of my self esteem on what other people think.

Watch the full interview with News.com.au HERE.

Taylor also chatted with 3News and spoke what it was like upon her arrival in Australia: “When you come to a place you’ve never been before,” says Swift, “We got here, I walk out all these people are saying: ‘we came all the way from New Zealand to see you’ – it’s been so amazing.”

She describes how she can tell a fan is coming to her show, she describes her music as “Spillover” instead of “Crossover,” why Shania Twain is a big influence, how her friend Abigail gets asked for autographs and more.

Watch the full interview with 3News HERE.