Jennifer Stone Visits Good Morning Texas


Jennifer Stone is currently enjoying some time off at home in Texas. She took some time to drop by “Good Morning Texas” on Thursday to chat about “Wizards of Waverly Place,” the movie, what she loves about acting and more.

On being asked to do the Crazy Hat Song: It’s actually diminished as the episodes have gone on. People still ask me to do it, but when the episode first came out was when it was popular.

On Harper Learning The Russo’s are Wizards: They were like we want Harper to find out next season. [In comparison to the Hannah Montana secret]The funny thing is both her friends found out the second episode and it was like mid-season second season [for Harper]. They told me and I couldn’t wait. It was such a great episode…I got to do my first special effects.

On how she deals with being a good role model: It’s not easy but you definitely have to, I was lucky enough to be raised right and I know Miley was raised right and a ton of other people. You have to be conscious of the choices that you make. You have to be more aware than you are in your actual life. I think you have to be conscious of your choices no matter if you’re in the limelight or not.

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