MileyWorld Settles Law Suit


-Remember when tickets for Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds went on sale and many fanclub members had trouble getting tickets? Well hundreds of Pennsylvanians complained to the attorney general when they couldn’t buy tickets during fan club pre-sales in December 2007 at Wachovia Center in Philadelphia and January 2008 at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.

The pre-sales were advertised as a perk of joining Cyrus’ Web site for a $29.95 yearly membership fee. The fan club continued advertising the perk even after blocks of tickets reserved for pre-sales were sold out, attorney general’s spokesman Nils Frederiksen said Thursday.

“All those people joined the fan club thinking they had a chance of getting those tickets when they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Tennessee of getting those tickets,” Frederiksen said.

In order to settle the lawsuit, the fanclub is giving over 1,000 members 4 more months for free. Do you think that’s a good settlement?

Source: AP via Yahoo