Debby Ryan: The Cheese Stands Alone


Debby Ryan uploaded a new youtube video from when she went to Milwaukee for a Waves game and signing a few weeks ago. We love her cheese hat…we’re actually a little jealous!

Also check out some more of Debby’s interview with JustJaredJr:

JJJ: You’re turning 16 this May, are you having a big bash?

DR: I am! I’m so excited! We’re actually in talks with a company that wants to sponsor it, and we actually did some location scouting. I really love masquerades, and I just think it’d be really cool to have something casual. [A party] with jeans but LA chic — with masquerade masks. I think that would be really, really cool.

I want all of my friends, high or low profile, to just come in and have a really good time. You know, get to know each other and celebrate that we all know each other.

JJJ: Jennifer Stone had her birthday party recently, what did you get her?

DR: I got her a gift card to one of her favorite stores and then I told her I was going to take her out to dinner. And then of course, she went to Puerto Rico, and all these things…so, that’s TBD when we’re going to dinner.

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