Jennifer Stone and Her “Demon” Rabbit


Jennifer Stone shows off her pet rabbit, Salem, in her new Youtube video. She wants to know what kind of pets you have! So go leave a comment on her video.

Jennifer also updated her Myspace Blog & SayNow, she now has a Twitter:

The Two T’s
Current mood:since when did they have moods on this thing?
Hey guys! I am in Texas right now. Man I had serious seperation anxiety from my car! I am so excited to be able to drive myself around again. I am going to Puerto Rico to see my second family on the 15th. Thank goodness! I miss them sooooo much! I’m having seperation anxiety from them now! There is too much anxiety happening with me. lol Anywhoo, now for the shameless self promotion. lol I just created a twitter or witter or whatever it’s called. My twitter url is So there’s that and just more youtube videos coming your way. Alrighty well I am just listening to music and reading so I will blog again soon. Take care guys and thanks so much again for all the support.