Debby Ryan Would Love To Make Country Music


Debby Ryan dished to JustJaredJr that she would love to make country music…that’s right, she’s a singer too!

JJJ: What kind of music would you want to create?

DR: I love jazz! I love singing it. I also love country! My brother loves rock, he also has this chill Jason Mraz-like style. So basically, my answer is: jazz-country-rock-alternative? I have no idea! But I honestly would love to make country music.

She also dished about “The Suite Life On Deck”:

JJJ: Give us some insider information about upcoming episodes.

DR: Bailey and Cody are getting to know each other a little bit better, and they’re getting to see each other differently. They’re dealing with issues like jealousy. I heard Gavin MacLeod was on an episode – I wasn’t in it, but…you know. That’s really cool, though.

Here’s another one: There’s going to be a food fight on an upcoming episode but it’s not going to be spaghetti or anything major like that because we had to shoot it over and over. That was really fun because we had…fencing. (laughs) Bread rolls get thrown around…and a miscellaneous vegetable. Even bread rolls! I had one of those pan lids, and every time I saw one coming my way, I’d forget my lines. I was dodging them! I did not want a bread-roll-induced concussion! Those things are hard, too.

Her upcoming projects:

JJJ: Beyond Suite Life, do you have any other projects in the works?

DR: Yeah! I have an animated pilot that we’re working on – an animated voice pilot for Disney Channel UK, and then I’m also writing a screenplay, which I’ve kind of been working on for a while. I honestly don’t know if it’ll ever see the light of day but it’s one of those things where I have to just write it. It’s in me, and I’ve just got to shine it! And I’m working on my music! We’ve also been looking at films, I’ve been looking for a really good one. I have some that sound promising, but they’re still in the beginning [phases].

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