Selena Teams Up With DoSomething


Selena Gomez is the latest young star to team up with Check out her latest blog:

I’m spending the day with puppies..
Current mood: blessed
I’m honored to be the new ambassador for!
The last time I was in PR shooting Princess Protection Program we noticed all of these stray dogs and puppies. We ended up finding out that Puerto Rico has a ‘dead dog beach’ its sounds worse than it is but people actually kills dogs for fun here.. This time around im teaming up with and my mom, Brian, David, Jake, David D are all going to help out today along with some of my crew from set! We are spending the day feeding puppies, washing them and hanging out with them. After we spend the day with them we are sending these dogs to different places in the U.S the no-kill dog shelters so they can find a home…
just wanted to share that with you guys and let you know where ill be for the day 🙂

visit to check it out!
I love you guys!