Meaghan Martin’s Friday Night Fun


Meaghan Martin and her friend Thanjira goof around on their Friday night at home. They dance and sing to some songs, Meaghan talks about doing a meet and greet in Albany, NY on Sunday…and Meaghan will have her tonsils out on March 19th! That means lots of ice cream! haha Check out Meaghan’s Friday Night Fun below as well as 25 random facts about the video:

25 Random Facts About This Video

1. You get to know Thanjira a little better
2. Johnny Cash = love
3. Thanjira is soooo funny
4. 10 things I hate about you!
5. blah blah
6. MIA is epic
7. We ate meatloaf for dinner
8. I’m running out of things to say already
9. One of my three dogs is seen!
11. Harry Potter weekend is currently on ABC Family
12. wooohooo.
13. thumbs up.
14. blah
15. …
16. I love you
17. Did I mention I love you?
18. Oh and I love you.
19. Thanjira loves my skull scarf that I wore to see Pirates of The Caribbean at midnight.
20. I can’t believe it’s already March
21. When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true
22. I finally learned how to do interesting colors in my videos!
23. I have a slightly random taste in music
24. blah blah blah
25. Do you know that… I LOVE YOU?!