Lucas Addresses the Miley Dating Rumos


-Lucas Till blogged on his myspace yesterday about the rumors that he was dating Miley, who Miley was texting during an interview and more. Check it out:

First of all, thank you for checking out my blog. I’m glad there are people who care about what i have to say.

Well, i dont really know where to start; I heard some rumors that i’m dating Miley because of the pictures someone took when we were hanging on the set of Hannah Montana: The Movie and also because what i wrote on Twitter. So here is the whole story:

I sent a tape to Disney because my agent said “Hey, you need to audition
for this”. So, I sent in the tape. I kind of did it to spite her
because I was telling her that I wasn’t going to get this role. It’s
just not going to happen.

So, I went in just to please her and then ended up getting a call
back to go to Nashville, TN to audition. Then I came back home and a
couple of days later, I got this call that they wanted to fly me out to
L.A. and screen test with Miley [Cyrus]. I did the audition and got the
part. It was really a cool experience.You can’t describe the experience of working with Miley in one word. It
was fun all the time. It was crazy and unpredictable all the time. It
was just a good, overall experience. She is constantly doing something
entertaining, whether she means to or not. I think Miley is an amazing girl and she is one of my best friends.

The funniest moment on set was when Miley was horseback riding once. She
can ride a trot real well, much better than I can. But when it got any
faster than that, she would say “Oh, I am great at riding horses”
because she’s really competitive.
We got to a scene where we had to go a little faster than a trot and
that’s where I’m really comfortable at. I love doing that. So we start
going faster and she’s trying not to let everyone know that she’s
panicking. She starts falling off the side of the horse and yelling
“Oh, I can’t get back on”. She’s completely on one side of the horse. I
don’t know how she didn’t fall off.
I do not have a girlfriend and just to make it clear i dont have boyfriend as well. So just because Miley was texting me while she had an interview doesnt mean i’m dating her, she wasn’t only texting me. But you can be sure that she wasnt texting him. (you all know who i mean, but i’m not going to say his name anyways.)

Ohh and about the “Hey Sexy. ILY” stuff on my car…i never said it was Miley. I just said it was someone with the name Cyrus. Maybe it was Trace…!?

see ya…