Joe Gave Kevin A Scar!


-Check out another clip from MTV’s interview with the Jonas Brothers. Find out about their scars, etc.

“I have a giant scar in the back of my head,” Kevin told MTV News, pointing to 19-year-old Joe. “This kid’s fault Eight staples later.”

Joe owned up to the beating. “I threw him into a wall once,” adding that Kevin got his revenge. “Then he threw shillings off of the house at my head.”
(By the way: We think Joe meant shingles, not the near-obsolete form of currency.)

Although Joe and Kevin seemed cool to talk about the incident, Nick jumped to the defense of his brothers’ actions. “It wasn’t out of anger. It was like, when you’re brothers, you play.”

But Kevin revealed the true reason for the injury: “We were ultimate fighting!”

Joe said it’s a good way for the guys to deal with stress. “[It was done out of] frustration. Anger and frustration are two different things,” he said. “Just kidding. It was out of love. … No, it was just an accident.”

“That’s an odd form of love,” Nick said.