Jonas Brothers World Tour Dates Coming Next Wednesday


-The Jonas Brothers announced one tour date earlier today at the Stadium Of Fire 4th of July celebration. The bros also took to their blog. They’ll be announced tour dates NEXT WEDNESDAY!!:

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Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing great. We have really loved reading all of your comments and posts. Yes, we try to read as many of the comments as possible.

In our last blog we mentioned our upcoming world tour. The response to that blog has been overwhelming. Thanks for all your excitement. It caused us to want to be on the road again soon!

We will be announcing our new WORLD TOUR dates NEXT WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11TH.

We are already so excited about the show we are working on. New stage! Songs from our upcoming CD and new TV Show! More than you can imagine. We have been dreaming non-stop about this tour and our new music.

We want to hear from you.

Where would you like us to come?

What are you excited to see?

Hint: We will be closer to you on this tour

Thanks again for all the support

Kevin, Joe and Nick