MTV Hangs with JB In Charlotte


MTV News got to hang out with the Jonas Brothers when they surprised fans in Charlotte:

After a nap on their private jet to Charlotte, North Carolina, from New York, where the Jonas Brothers surprised fans in a movie theater at a local mall, they seemed refreshed and ready to rock the worlds of even more fans on Saturday. With MTV News along for the ride, the boys decided that Charlotte, their dad’s hometown, was the perfect next stop to cue the screaming girls on their Surprise Theater Invasion tour.

Before landing, the guys told MTV News that out of everyone, their loyal bodyguard Big Rob looked best in “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.” “He’s the perfect person to be in 3-D!” Joe joked. Nick added, “He’s larger than life.”

Kevin, who said that Rob has “3-D written all over him,” turned out to be the brother who mugged it best in 3-D, at least according to him. “I definitely looked into the camera more than I should have,” he said. “I didn’t realize they were going to use every time I looked into the camera in the film.”

One moment that the brothers definitely weren’t expecting to be immortalized on film is a scene in which Joe Jonas is shirtless backstage at one of their shows. “It’s funny because that scene was not planned,” Nick said. “We were shocked when we saw it. You can tell on Joe’s face [because his look] is priceless.”

When they finally did land in North Carolina at 1:15, the guys first held a press conference at the airport, where they were schooled in NASCAR. They don’t know much about car racing, but being the good sports that they are, they promised they’d bone up soon.

“It’s a fun ride, and we don’t really want to get off,” Joe told reporters at the press conference. Nick added that all the hard work pays off when he sees how happy it makes the dedicated JoBros fans. “Everything we do is for our fans.”

The guys eventually made their way — with a police escort! — to the Regal Stonecrest theater to surprise more fans. There, like most places they go, they were welcomed with shouts, tears and screams of adoration. It was later found out that two girls in the theater were there to celebrate their birthdays. We’re sure that the unexpected guests were more than welcome to their celebrations.

After surprising their fans in Charlotte, the guys made their way back to the airport to continue their tour and do it all over again for more unsuspecting, squealing fans at their next stop.