Jonas Brothers Land In Grapevine


-The Jonas Brothers pose with hit producer Timbaland at a special screening of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience in Grapevine, TX late Saturday evening. The boys blogged about the event and said that Timbaland has produced a special remix of “Tonight” for Verizon Blackberry users. Even the fake Jonas Brothers made an appearance. They are currently holding a press conference in Dallas and you can check out some live blogging from the event over at JustJaredJr.

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Hey everyone!

Tonight we landed in Dallas TX and went straight to a VERIZON event in Grapevine. It has been an amazing day! We saw so many people.

We started the day in Nyack, New York. We visited the Palisades Mall where we used to watch movies when we lived in NJ.

Then we flew to a small town just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. The people in NC were so excited to see us. I think the people here were the MOST SURPRISED. By the time we left there was a huge crowd outside.

Then we flew to a town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Once again, the place was so excited and thankful.

We then flew to our last city today (Dallas). When we arrived we were taken onto the VERIZON recording bus where we met TIMBALIND. He has done a remix of TONIGHT (our song) for Verizon Blackberry users. It was amazing and completely different.

After we heard the song we went outside (so cold) and greeted all the fans that were waiting outside. It always amazes us how dedicated our fans are.

Throughout the day we also took time to meet with and thank the people from NetJets and Marquis Jets from each city for bringing us to out. We could not have made it happen without their help. They were the ones that brought us to these cities and allowed us to see our fans during the opening week of our 3D movie.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR FANS. Thank you for going to see the movie. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. You have made us feel so good about the release of the movie. I hope you can see from the movie and our Theater Invasion how much you mean to us. You are the best!

Thanks for all the support

Kevin, Joe and Nick