Jordan Pruitt Has the Best Night Of Her Life


Jordan Pruitt called the Jonas Brothers 3D premiere the “best night of her life.” She updated her Myspace Blog about the evening and even uploaded some videos meeting fans.

The BEST night of My Life!!!
Current mood: grateful
Hi Guys….
Just got back to my hotel…I’m a little tired today! O.K. so yesterday I promised you guys a play by play of what happened yesterday! Here it goes… My hair and makeup artist came a few hours before the premiere because we needed to catch up! And we like to have fun while he’s doing my makeup…by fun I mean turn on some music and dance! Anyways, After I got glamorized I was dropped off at the Red Carpet( which was actually a purple carpet) lol. As I walked everyone was screaming my name, and I tried to sign as many autographs as possible!! Sorry to any of you who I didn’t make it you! I love you!!!! 🙂 After I walked to the ”Purple” carpet I interviewed with Radio Disney! I absolutely adore Ernie D so I was glad he was there!
As I was walking in I signed more autographs and took pictures with fans! You guys are the best! And always make me feel like a million bucks! I sat on the floor, and got my 3D glasses on! Before the movie started I walked around and said hello to everyone I knew! And when I got back to my seat, the VERY talented Jordin Sparks was sitting right next to me! Guys, she is the sweetest most down the earth person ever! We had fun watching the movie, and The Jonas Brothers sat right behind me!
After the AMAZING movie, My Mom and I went to the after party! I have to say I was a little nervous I wasn’t going to know anyone. But once I got there I realized I knew a lot of people so it was really fun! About an hour into the party we all went into another room and sang Karaoke for a few hours! I sang Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, and Sunday Morning by Maroon 5! I had so much fun talking to everyone, and catching up with some old friends of mine!
I’ve been in L.A. for a few days now, and the first day I was here I went to the set of the Jonas Brothers new T.V. show!! All I can say is WOW. This show is going to be Amazing!
It’s REALLY funny, and you all should watch it when it comes out! Not only are they great musicians, they are really great actors! I loved being on set and I got a tour of the set which was really cool for me 🙂
I’m going to visit my record label tomorrow before I head home for a few days!
I absolutely LOVE everyone that works there! So I’m really excited to see everyone, and listen and talk about music! Well, I’m gonna go eat some dinner and finish my homework!
Thank you for everyone who came out to support my friends the Jonas Brothers last night!!
And Thanks to all my fans who continue to vote for my music on Radio Disney, it truly means to world to me!
We have a lot of REALLY exciting stuff in the works….and once I get the “O.K.” I will fill you guys in on what’s going on!!! I love you all! XOXO

God Bless, and PEACE

Jordan P.!