Tony Oller Has Finally Outgrown Chuck E. Cheese


Tony Oller updated his Myspace Blog to remind everyone that there is a new episode of “As The Bell Rings” tonight. Tony’s birthday is also coming up this week and he says he’s finally outgrown Chuck E. Cheese and has moved on to a crab leg dinner. Also be sure to buy Tony’s song, “All I Need” at

Hey everybody,
I just wanted to let you know there’s a new ATBR episode tonight! It’s called MONA LEXI and I hope you like it. Let’s just say it’s one of our more artistic episodes. Oh the things you can do with very little imagination. And the things you can do with aluminum foil… Set your DVRs or better yet just check it out TONIGHT at 7:55pm ET/PT or 6:55pm CT on THE DISNEY CHANNEL. Thx for watching ATBR! Watch out for more hilarious new episodes coming up!

Well, guess who’s having his 18th birthday on Weds? Yep you guessed it – me! Since I’ll finally be able to vote and gamble (the lottery lol), I vote we fly out to Vegas and celebrate in style. Who’s with me? You gotta admit that would be pretty cool. But instead I plan to stretch the party out all week and def enjoy a tasty crab leg dinner with the fam. That’s my favorite bday tradition after I finally outgrew Chuck E. Cheese lol.

Thanks again to everyone who’s bought my new single ALL I NEED on And thx for all the awesome comments everybody’s left about my song. I really appreciate it! If you haven’t gotten it yet, it’ll be out on iTunes on April 1, no foolin. 😉

I’ll be doing a live chat in zoovolution. com soon! I’ll keep you posted but first go there and make your own avatar. They made an avatar that looks like me lol. Prob a week from Sat. I’ll be in zoovolution for the first chat. You can even win prizes so I hope you check it out. It’s gonna be fun. 🙂

Happy Mardi Gras and have a great week!

-Tony O.

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