Debby Ryan Updates From Milwaukee


Debby Ryan is in Milwaukee for a personal appearance. She just updated her youtube about her travels and is also excited to be attending the Jonas Brothers’ movie premiere on Tuesday: Heyy there!
I just wanted to take a minute or four to share a little with you about my Wisconsin personal appearance!
I started out at 8am in Los Angeles, got caught in snow and other miscellaneous setbacks and finally checked in around 8pm, Wisconsin time! On the plane, I read some scripts for voice over work, studied the new script for this upcoming week, answered some fan mail, worked on planning my Sweet Sixteen, and got ready to hang out with some Wisconsinite fans!

This week, I’m so excited to be going to the Jonas Brother’s 3D movie premiere! As well as doing some voice over fun, and then quickly unpacking and repacking to head off to another appearance, plus interview stuff, in New York City on the 3rd!

I promise, I’m working on the fan mail you guys!! It’s important to me to get it all read and pictures and autos sent but I dont have as much free time as it requires. But I AM making it a priority! I love you guys!