Honor Society Q&A With Bop and Tigerbeat


-The press keeps rolling in! Bop/Tigerbeat attended Honor Society’s sold out show at Irving Plaza on February 15th and sat down with the guys for a Q&A. Check it out below:

Undercover With Honor Society:

Blog Girl: Were you discovered by the Jonas Brothers?
Andrew: The short answer is yes. The Jonas Brothers kind of saw what we were doing and caught wind of it and we hooked up with them, and it’s been chaos since then. So yeah, they did.

BG: What did they see in you that made them take you on as their first group?
Alex: You know, I’d actually gone to high school with Kevin and been friends with the boys for a long time.
Jason: We did a big show at the Knitting Factory near the summer that they came to, and I think it was a culmination and I think that was the final piece and it was like, alright – we’re gonna do this.

BG: Do you guys have any nicknames for the Jonas Brothers, or do they have any nicknames for you?
Michael: Um, a lot of the fans, and us as well, when we refer to them collectively we call them “The Boys,” but no real individual nicknames, no.
Alex: And I guess we’re like, “The Guys.” {All laugh}

BG: Who gets the most stage fright?
Alex: I don’t think we really get stage fright. I mean, we’ve all been playing music for a really long time, and with that comes being on stage and performing for other people. So it’s not necessarily stage fright. I think the one thing that we’re all conscious of is just, the energy in a room, because it can just get out of control.

BG: What is behind the name Honor Society?
Michael: Basically we’re four guys that, for the last year or two we’ve been together non-stop, and for the last 4 months we’ve together 24/7. And with that said, there’s a real deep bond of brotherhood between the four of us. That goes back awhile. And when we were coming up with the name we wanted something that gave that feeling of our brotherhood, but also that the fans could get involved in. So then we started to think about something like a fraternity, but that felt a little too exclusive, like it would exclude our fans. And Honor Society just felt liked it matched our look and the way we conduct ourselves.

BG: Who takes the longest to get ready for a show?
Michael: I’m just gonna say it’s me. I’m just gonna call myself out.

BG: And some girls are dying to know, how did you come up with your dance the “Honor Roll”?
Michael: It all started with Soulja Boy and the “Crank That” dance, and around Alex’s kitchen table in New Jersey we were literally like, we should be the first rock band to come up with a dance. And something about this band is no one likes to back down from what might be a crazy idea. So we were like, we should be the first rock band to come up with a dance, and it’s kind of like, “Yeah, no, that’s a great idea.” {All laugh} Even though it may not be.
Michael: There’s video footage of us making up the dance that will be released one day. Literally the dance came together in like, 2 minutes in the parking lot next to the minivan that we were touring in.
{All laugh}