Jonas Brothers Say the Attention Is Flattering But They Have A Long Way To Go


-The Jonas Brothers are featured at USA Today. They do their best to remain grounded:

“We see artists take years off just to regroup, but we’re really enjoying all this,” Kevin says as the three plop down on a sofa three-quarters of the way through a day of media chats.

“We’re still growing as musicians,” Nick says. His voice is soft, but when he speaks, the older boys defer to him. “All this attention and success is flattering, but we’ve got a long way to go.”

Would they consider going solo? “We all have dreams of our own, sure,” Joe says. “But a band is a band. We’re in it together.

Big Rob even gives his opinion on the trio:

“They’re good kids,” says “Big Rob” Feggans, who stands guard outside the hotel suite door. He’s the mountain of a bodyguard who was drafted by the guys to rap on their hit song Burnin’ Up.

“I don’t rap, but they wanted me to be involved, so I gave it a try. That’s just the way they are,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, anything they get, they deserve.”

They also talk about their relationships, golf and more. Read the full article HERE.