Jonas Brothers Talk Show Roundup


-The Jonas Brothers had a busy week. The guys are now back in LA, but their taped appearances on Regis & Kelly, and GMA all aired today. Also check out a sneak peek of their segment on the Ellen Degeneres Show. The guys were also at the Honor Society show in NYC last night (we’ll have pics up soon) along with Camilla Belle and Tiffany Thornton (Sonny With A Chance). The guys also posted a new blog:

Hey everyone!

We just got back to Los Angeles. We are still filming our new TV show for Disney. It is going so well. We are all so excited about the way it is turning out. We hope you will all love it.

Last week was so busy. We had a great time doing the press for the 3D Movie.

We were on:

Dave Letterman
Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Entertainment Tonight
Access Hollywood
E! News
and Saturday Night Live

And we filmed a lot of things for this week and next week:

Good Morning America
Regis and Kelly
and the CBS Early Show
And coming on Sunday…

Barbara Walter’s Special

There may have been more. We did so much it is hard to remember.

What did you think of the interviews? Let us know.


NEXT WEEK – We are so excited about the PREMIERE of our 3D MOVIE – JONAS BROTHERS 3D CONCERT EXPERIENCE. There have been SCREENINGS of the 3D Movie around the nation. The reports from the screenings have been amazing! People are shouting, clapping, dancing, etc. This is the reason we called it the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert EXPERIENCE! If you saw our BURNING UP TOUR you will want to watch carefully. There was a lot of footage captured from venues throughout the tour.

If you saw the movie…TELL US WHAT YOU THINK? WE would love to hear what you thought.

We will be making regular updates throughout the next week or two. Keep checking in here, at FFE, TEAM JONAS, etc.


Kevin, Joe and Nick

P.S. We were scheduled to be with Jimmy Kimmel last week for a skit and it was moved to next week. Sorry if anyone showed up there expecting us! It was a last minute change. Hopefully we will see you when we go there next week. We will post details when we have them.