Spectacular Is Coming Soon


-Nickelodeon’s answer to High School Musical is premiering on February 16th. Spectacular is set to make a splash on TV screens across the nation. MTV Buzzworthy has been blogging about the movie for about a week. Today they have an interview with Simon Curtis.

Buzzworthy: Hey Simon! What’d I just catch you doing?
Simon Curtis: I just came from breakfast with Victoria and Avan. They live so close, we all hang out together. We were really excited because Drea from Danity Kane walked in, and Making the Band was our show! “Damaged” was our song up in Vancouver on the Spectacular! set. We were always screaming that song at the top of our lungs. So it was kind of a serendipitous thing to have Drea walk in! And Victoria’s so gutsy — she sees someone and just has no problem to be like “hey we met at the Teen Choice Awards!” And I’m like shrieking in my seat, cowering!

Buzzworthy: How’d you prepare for the role of Royce?
SC: I was raised in Oklahoma, and it’s like the heartland of show choir! So I knew all about show choir. I swear I knew at least five Royces back in my high school. When I was auditioning, I was telling my roommates, like this IS my high school, and I have to get this role so I can make fun of this hilarious depiction of a quintessential show choir guy. So I totally connected with the character based on my experiences in high school.

BW: What kind of guy were you in high school?
SC: I was such a chameleon. I really kept to myself. I was very friendly and well-liked but I had my two best friends and I really stuck to them. I did do drama, and I did do choir, but my big thing was the school newspaper. That was where I really thrived. I loved performing but I never really got along with those kids. The newswriting kids were who I hung out with. I guess looking back I was a bit of a nerd!

Read the rest of the interview HERE. Also MTV Buzzworthy will be “Twittering” from the special MTV Jonas event tomorrow. Follow the twitter HERE.