Jonas Brothers Excited for SNL


-The Jonas Brothers recently had a press conference in LA to discuss their 3D movie, tv show and more. We spoke briefly to Kevin, Joe and Nick today and they are super excited to be a part of Saturday Night Live. Joe Jonas told MTV, “I think you get a little nervous with different things.” “But I think it’s gonna be cool to be on ‘SNL.’ I mean, I’ve always wanted to be on ‘SNL’ and I think it’s going to be awesome.”

The guys also talked about JONAS, which they just finished up 18 episodes and are almost through with production: “We are loving the show, we are having a blast doing it, and we are really excited for people to see it,” Kevin said. He recalled his favorite episode, the plot of which sounds a bit like the Michel Gondry film “Be Kind Rewind.” “[There’s one episode where] we destroy all of our home videos and we have to remake all of them, and it is really fun. It’s really cool.”

Source: MTV News