Zac Wasn’t Sure if HSM3 Would Work…But It Did! HSM3 Fun Facts


-Back with more High School Musical 3: Senior Year coverage! Check out some behind the scenes gossip as well as a short interview with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

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Want the hottest secrets from the set of High School Musical 3? You got it! We head behind the scenes to bring you all the goss on the dynamite DVD of the year…

All of the original Wildcats headed back to Salt Lake City to shoot HSM3. “I couldn’t wait to get back to Utah for the third act to High School Musical,” reveals Zac Efron. “We were not looking to top anything, we were just looking to do the trilogy justice. I hope we’ve done that because we really stepped up the production.”

“High School Musical 3 is awesome,” admits Ashley Tisdale, who plays pink-lovin’ Sharpay in the movie. “I was really thrilled to jump back into Sharpay’s shoes because she’s such a great character. What’s in store for the gang? Well, in your senior year, you have college to think about as well as relationships. Trying to figure out which path to take is tough.”

The movie includes the first duet between Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron – a song called The Boys Are Back. “We had so much fun shooting those scenes in the salvage yard,” chuckles Zac. “You also get to see a young Troy and Chad, which is very cool.”

“The third film sees the gang’s graduation and their prom,” reveals Ashley Tisdale. We get to see Zac wear a cool tux and the girls glam it up in style. “My prom dress is feathery, pink and rhinestone, so it’s fun and really cool,” giggles Ashley.

Lucas Grabeel was the only cast member to rent an apartment in Salt Lake City, where the film was shot. The rest of the cast were split between the city’s Little America Hotel and the swankier Grand America, where Zanessa, Ashley and Chris Warren Jr put up their feet. Nice!

What extras are in store for fans on the HSM3 DVD? “There’s a lot going on there,” admits director Kenny Ortega. “There is a musical reprise for Troy and Gabriella, as well as a couple of deleted scenes that have been added back to the movie. One big deleted scene was taken out because we had to shorten the film for the movie theatre – but there are other scenes we’ve added just for fun.”

The film’s finale graduation scene was shot on the football field at East High School in Salt Lake City. It’s a huge song and dance number featuring the entire cast. “We really pushed the singing and dancing,” admits Zac. “It’s one of the stand-out moments of the movie.”

When the cameras weren’t rolling, some of the cast weren’t as glamorous or as fashion-forward as their characters. Lucas Grabeel was spotted wandering around the set in brown sandals and black socks, while Ashley Tisdale plodded around in a pair of old slippers!

What did the gang get up to when the cameras stopped rolling? “We’d have lots of fun,” admits KayCee Stroh, who plays hip-hop cutie Martha Cross. “There was a really cool night where Corbin, Chris (Warren Jr, who plays Zeke Baylor), Ryne (Sanborn, who plays Jason Cross) and I went out to eat after work, which was really late. The cast of High School Musical literally ended up in a fast food restaurant having a food fight in the middle of the night! Who won? I would have to say Chris. He always goes that little bit further than everyone else!”

What do Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have to say about the third instalment of HSM? We quiz the cutest couple on the planet to find out…

Spill the beans, guys… What happens in High School Musical 3?
Zac: Well, it is the final year at East High for the Wildcats, so we’re deciding for ourselves what we’re going to do with our futures.
Vanessa: Our characters are growing and we’re making tougher decisions, so you definitely see relationships blossom, as well as a lot of singing and dancing.

Do Troy and Gabriella change as they grow up?
Vanessa: Gabriella has always been ruled by her head. In this movie, you see her being torn by her heart and her head – making tough decisions and trying to figure out what to do with family, friends, relationships and school.
Zac: Troy’s got a lot to balance. He’s got Gabriella to look to, he’s got basketball to train for and he’s got his love of singing. Which way will he go?

Why were you hesitant to sign up for HSM3, Zac?
Zac: High School Musical has always been a blast to work on since day one. I just didn’t know if a third one would work. When the script came in, I thought it was very well done – and it was an easy yes.

How much fun did you have filming?

Vanessa: It was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work, too.
Zac: I came into rehearsals a few weeks late, which was a really bad idea. It was tough catching up with everybody. You’ve got Corbin, who is the most incredible natural dancer I’ve ever seen, and Vanessa, who is tough to keep up with as well. It was rough!

Was it sad to say goodbye to the cast when you finished filming?
Zac: After we filmed one of the last scenes, I was surprised by how emotional I got. A few of the girls got pretty sad. Me and Corbin tried to be tough and hold it in, though!

Is this really the last High School Musical for you two?
Vanessa: I think that’s it. I mean, it’s senior year. You can’t do high school again unless you flunk and the movie wouldn’t have the same name if we went to college.
Zac: You know what? It’s been great to have High School Musical to look forward to and to not have that anymore is going to be weird. I think this is the final adventure for the Wildcats – but who knows?