HSM3 Is Coming Your Way


High School Musical 3: Senior Year is set to hit shelves on February 17th. Are you ready? To get you in the Wildcat mood, check out some excerpts from 2 great articles, as well as the trailer:


Bring On the Bloopers


Zac Efron: I don’t know how it happened, but my foot slipped through a theatre seat during a scene and I couldn’t get it out! It was so funny because they had to take the seat apart to rescue my foot. The cameras had to stop rolling and people were brought on set to unscrew the bottom of the chair. I was mortified!


Corbin Bleu: Whenever you’re dancing with an ensemble, something is always going to go wrong. Tons of the cast would fall over or trip over each other’s feet – but it was me who fell over the most. The camera would always catch me, which was really embarrassing. Look out for the falls on the DVD’s blooper reel!


Matt Prokop: There was a hilarious wipeout during the scene where I run around wearing just a towel! The crew sprayed water on Justin and me to make us look wet, but I guess they forgot to wipe it off the floor because Corbin went flying. We came running around the corner in our towels to find Zac crying with laughter – and the camera got all of it! It was hysterical.


Zac Efron: We had a lot of fun with a mannequin’s hand on set. I think it fell off a prop, so I picked it up and made full use of it. I’d put it in my sleeve and place the fake hand in my pocket – but then had my real hand would be hidden underneath the front of my shirt. When people least expected it, I would punch out my real hand – and they would think there was an alien popping out of my chest! It was hilarious. People were screaming out loud in terror!


Monique Coleman: On the very first day of filming, [HSM3 director] Kenny Ortega insisted that the floor was sparkling clean. The crew diligently polished away for hours, but they cleaned it so well that it became a slippery nightmare. During the first dance scene, everyone went flying! It was like we were dancing on water as we slipped and slopped all over the room. We were cracking up all over the place!


Vanessa Hudgens: One of the funniest bloopers happened during Can I Have This Dance. A helicopter kept flying overhead and when that happens, you lose the sound so you can’t continue a scene. The helicopter wouldn’t go away, so in the end Zac just looked at me and said, “That’s actually my helicopter… Do you want to go for a ride?” We both ran to the edge of the building and pretended to jump off the balcony, but we were only joking. It was like Mission Impossible and we couldn’t stop laughing at the crew who thought we were being serious!

Lights, Camera, Action: Interview with Kenny Ortega

What are your top audition tips for wannabe actors?

If you’re a young person who wants to become an actor, it’s really important to walk into a casting room with a sense of yourself and some life experience. You can really delight a room and have them already choose you before you’ve even said a word!

How can that happen?

This actually happened to me years ago when a young Leonardo DiCaprio auditioned for me for a film. He ended up not doing it. He ended up doing a movie called What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which was a good choice, but he came in and he completely won me over.

What happened?

We hung out and he was so honest and real and fun and interesting. He was in the audition room with me and I said to him, “Well, get out of here and good luck. I wish I could’ve had you in my movie, but I understand you have a lot on your plate.”

What was the movie you were casting?

It was a Disney movie called Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. He left the room and I picked up the phone to speak to my casting director. I said, “Oh my god! This kid is unbelievable. Where did you find him?” They explained that they knew I’d like him and asked how he read, but that’s when I realised I’d forgotten to ask him to read. That’s a true story.

Did you hang out with the new cast members from High School Musical 3 – Matt Prokop, Jemma McKenzie-Brown and Justin Martin – before you cast them?

It’s important for me to be able to have a conversation with the cast – and these three were very interesting to chat to. These three new kids – like Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas, Corbin and Monique – came into the room and were very interesting to hang out with. I like to know who I’m working with and it’s important because they’ve got to be able to bring something to the party.

Is there one set question you ask at every audition?

Usually, I will ask, “What did you do before you came here today?” And I love it when I hear someone say, “I went for a bike ride.” Or, “I was riding my skateboard.” Or, “I was swimming.” Or, “I went for a walk.” Or, “I was hanging out with my best friend.” Or, “I was playing a video game.” I like that there is a life and that there is a person there.

What’s the wrong answer to this audition question?

I don’t want to hear, “I’ve been practicing my lines for a week.” To want to be an actor is enough – you don’t need to tell us about it. The interesting person who comes with some life experience is always the person who is going to be chosen by me.

Do you have any dance audition tips for us?

Wear appropriate clothes. Don’t come in trying to look like you’re wearing a costume; come in to dance. Wear something that allows the choreographers to see the line of your body as you’re performing. Fashion sometimes gets the better of kids. They walk into an audition in layers of clothes and they try too hard. The clothes get in the way of the simple, clean lines you’re trying to show off – so keep it simple.

Do you have any singing audition tips, too?

This one’s easy! Make sure you warm up your vocal chords before you walk into an audition room. Be prepared to sing, but make sure your voice is warmed up and ready to go.

Did you cast all of the actors in all three High School Musical movies?

I did. I am very hands-on when it comes to the High School Musical movies. I pride myself in being at the forefront of selecting each of these talented young actors.

What made the new cast members of High School Musical 3 stand out?

They each brought something into the room that you could sense even before they danced, sang or acted. They just had something in them that I could see and that excited me. That combined with everything else they brought into the audition as a talent made them hard to deny.

Were you hands-on in selecting the original High School Musical cast, too?

The original castings came after many weeks of auditioning – and I was there all the way. Eventually, we put all of them through two, six-hour days of auditions, which were grueling and very intense. By the time they left, their agents were on the phone saying, “What are you doing with these kids?”

How has the real-life relationship between Vanessa and Zac affected the movies?

Their relationship has been a blessing. A lot of real-life couples lose chemistry on-screen together, but maybe we lucked out because they weren’t a real-life couple when we started these movies.

How did Zac and Vanessa react when you first met them?

When Zac and Vanessa came to us, they didn’t know each other and they hadn’t worked together before. We put them together just because we thought they looked appropriate – but something happened there. Something sparked.

Did they stand out straight away?

They did. I remember those early auditions vividly. When we tried to see if the same thing clicked with any other pairing, we couldn’t find it. We closed the door and we said, “We’re all old enough and experienced enough to know something great when it’s standing in front of us.” And that was Zac and Vanessa. We saw something in them before they even saw something in each other.