Aly & AJ Answer Your Questions


-Aly & AJ have answered some fan questions at their official website. Check out a few below, but to see all of the Q&A, be sure to join the HERE.

-If you could choose people to go on tour with (for your new record), who would you choose & why?
U2!!!!!!!!!!! Coldplay!!!!!!!! Sting!!!!!!!!!! Muse!!!!!!!!!! Radiohead!!!!!!!!!!

-Since you both play guitar I felt the need to ask: What is your dream guitar?
A guitar that makes me food, picks up the house, is my boyfriend, best friend, wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup artist and plays killer licks! hehe

-What kind of food do you eat on tour?
We used to eat lots of Chinese food and pizza but that gets a little boring after awhile. Now we’re eating a lot healthier. That’s when we step it up to our own mini barbecues at the venue after a show…yum 🙂

-I love your new Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitars! My question is how did you become involved with this PDP project?
PDP approached Aly & I with the opportunity to design our own Guitar Hero/Rock Band custom guitars. We love working with them and it was an honor to be the first female artists to get on board. Glad you enjoy it 🙂

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