Tony Oller Now Has A SayNow Number


-Tony Oller updated his myspace blog Sunday and now has a SayNow number. Be sure to subscribe!

Hey everybody,

I’ve had a busy weekend. I was at a big debate conference and I came in 3rd place in Novice Prose so it was worth giving up most of my weekend lol. That’s why I’m a little late with this but I wanted to let you know there isn’t a new episode of As The Bell Rings tonight. The next new one actually is Feb. 8 and I’ll be sure to remind you! It’s worth the wait. 🙂 Thx for all your awesome support of ATBR!

Good news! I just got a SayNow number! I’m really pumped about it because now I can call you and leave you updates, say thanks, all kinds of stuff. And you can call in and leave me messages too. I’m even gonna pick some people to call back randomly whenever I can! Here’s my number so give me a call and pass it on to your friends too!


It’s FREE. Just call my # and you’ll be registered. Then check your phone for a call from me next weekend. I’ll be letting you know what the Norway project is all about then. You’ll be the FIRST to know and it would be awesome if you’d call me back and let me know what you think! YOU ROCK!!!

-Tony O. 🙂

P.S. This is my U.S. #. I’ll be getting some international #s soon. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂