Guess Who’s Returning To Gossip Girl


-Guess who is returning to Gossip Girl…that’s right…Michelle Trachtenberg. She will reprise her role as “Georgina Sparks” on the hit CW show. She spoke to MTV News about her return at Sundance.

“I am so, so excited. I love ‘Gossip Girl.’ They are so great to me there,” she told MTV News. “I get to look freaking fantastic, if I do say so myself, and I get to be a nasty bi—, which is always fun. Why not?”

Trachtenberg admits that at this point the only detail about her return that she currently knows is that she will most likely look great in the clothes. “I have absolutely no idea what the story line will entail,” she said. “I’m not just throwing a bunch of crap your way. I really actually don’t know what will be going on.”

Are you excited for Georgina’s return?