5 Reasons Why Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift Should Be BFF’s


MTV Buzzworthy has been focusing lately on the teen and tween stars. Today they list 5 reasons why Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato should be bff’s. Check them out:

5. The Brothers Jonai – OMJ, is there anything that can bring two people together quicker than a Jonas Brother run in? We think no. Even though Demi claims that she is just friends with Joe Jonas (all Camp Rock romances aside), and even though Taylor claims she’s totally over her cell phone Joe Jonas break-up, should the two need to console each other over any matters Jonai … they could.

4. Mean Girls – Say what you will, but there were quite a few worthwhile life lessons in this little gem of a Lindsay Lohan flick … most importantly: don’t be a biyotch. Demi and Taylor are obvs feelin the love now, and to this we say: awwwww.

3. She’s Just Being Miley – With Taylor in the mix, the Demi/Miley feud takes on a whole new spin. Might we expect a Taylor/Demi (+ Selena?) YouTube channel? One can only dream.

2. Acting – Both girls act! On TV shows! And in movies! And so maybe they could rehearse together! And go to each other’s premieres! Funzies!

1. Sports … The Great Equalizer – Ask any dude, if you’re looking to bond, hockey pucks are the way to go.