Miley Apologizes For Not Wearing Bike Helmet, No Feud With JB, Selena & Demi


-Miley Cyrus uploaded a new video blog to her official fanclub at In the video, which also features her sister Brandi and dog Sophie, Miley talks about how much she loves the Mileyworld fans, how she isn’t a poser and loves Iron Maiden, she loves that the fans get to see her in paparazzi pics since she can’t always upload pictures, she is really into ripped tights, how she loves to ride around on her bike and many other rumors. She even addresses the fact that she doesn’t wear her helmet, but does encourage everyone to wear a helmet and apologizes for not wearing hers.

She also addresses the feud with the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. They are all friends, she loves “Nicky, Kevin, Joe and Frankie, the whole family.” She’s also friends with Selena and was even heading over to Demi’s house for a meatloaf dinner after the video.