Demi Says Show Business Isn’t As Glamorous As You Think


-Demi Lovato graces the cover of the latest issue of Girls Life. In the issue she talks about Camp Rock, her rise to fame, friends, love and more. On show biz, Demi says, “I remember when my name started showing up online, I’d read it because I thought it was cool that people were talking about me. But then I realized that’s not so glamorous either. I think that everyone perceives this business to be a little bit more glamorous than it really is.”

First Time She Saw Herself On TV: “I was home watching Barney. I think I was expecting for it to be a little more magical, but I really just felt like I was watching a home video.”

First Time She Met the Jonas Brothers:
“I met them at a screen test, and I was so excited. We instantly clicked, talking about mutual friends we knew back in Texas.”

For more of the interview, check out the scans. Also in the issue are Jason Dolley, Emma Roberts, Victoria Justice and more.