Jonas Brothers Big Announcement: FanFamily Experience


-You’ve been waiting, here is the Jonas Brothers latest blog with their big announcement:

Hey everyone!

2008 was an amazing year, and we owe it all TO YOU!

In 2009, we want to work WITH YOU to make this year even better!

As you know, the Jonas family does everything together, and we know you and your friends, the FANFAMILY, do everything together.

You may have heard that our 3D movie is coming out and in the movie, we invite you behind the scenes for the ultimate Jonas experience.

But over the next seven weeks – which will be the busiest seven weeks ever – we’re going to work together to create the “FanFamily” Experience!

What is the FanFamily Experience?

There will be a variety of activities and events that allow us to join forces on everything we do this year – from the 3D movie to the World Tour to the release of our new CD. But our first FanFamily project is to make the OPENING WEEKEND OF THE 3D MOVIE the BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER for a 3D movie.

Besides reading letters and watching some of your videos, we want to GET TO KNOW YOU – the FanFamily – better by working together in some new and exciting ways!

Over the coming weeks, make sure you are checking MySpace, watching YouTube, and listening to SayNow for more details on how to participate in the FanFamily Experience.

We are REALLY excited about working with you, the FanFamily, to make this the best year ever!


Kevin, Joe and Nick

PS: We’re really close to finalizing our list of nations and cities for the WORLD TOUR, so hopefully we will be seeing you really soon!