Review: American Teen DVD


American Teen DVD Review
By: Lisa H

The surprise Sundance hit “American Teen” is now on DVD. This documentary takes a look at 5 Indiana teens making it through their senior year of high school. Each fits in to the typical stereotypes of high school: the jock, geek, princess, heartthrob, and the rebel. The movie gives the viewer an intimate look into what makes these characters tick: their goals, their heartbreak, their relationships and more. But wait, this concept has been done a million times (“Laguna Beach,” MTV’s “True Life”), so what makes this version different? Overall the movie conveys the typical storylines you’d expect from a high school drama, but director Nanette Burstein gives it a special twist. She incorporates animation along with the character narratives to keep it fresh and interesting. The movie will have you rooting for the geek to get the girl, the jock to win the championship and more.

The DVD is being exclusively sold at Target and includes bonus features. There are cast interviews, Hannah’s blog, deleted scenes and also the character trailers. Be sure to pick up your copy today!