Top 5 Reasons the Jonas Brothers Should Perform At the Inauguration


MTV Buzzworthy has listed the top 5 reasons the Jonas Brothers should perform at the inauguration of Barack Obama. Here they are:

One rumor floating around Jonas Land is that the Jonas Brothers have been invited to take part in the festivities — specifically at an inaugural ball for kids, with Miley Cyrus, on January 19.

No matter what your political views are, we think this is an opp for us all to truly come together as a country, Jonas style. Here are the top 5 reasons the JBs should be sayin’ — nay, SINGING — “YES WE CAN” at the inauguration:

5. Spies Like Us: As they proved in their “Burnin’ Up” video, any one of the JoBros could sub in for the secret service if needed. Sure there won’t be any JetSkis at the ceremony (unless Diddy’s there), but I bet there’s one of those crazy laser beam security systems in the Capitol!

4. Obama Girls: Sasha and Malia have gone ON RECORD about their JB love! Adding Nick, Joe and Kevin to the musical act roster would be as exciting as the prospect of a new presidential puppy!

3. Timing Is Everything: The Jonas Brothers’ new video, “Tonight,” comes out January 19th! The day before the inauguration! Coincidence? HARDLY!

2. Security: The only other person on the planet with a tighter security detail than the JoBros? You guessed it!: El Presidente Obama.

1. Practice Makes Perfection: Nick has told us that he wants to run for President, so this will be perfect practice for him.

We mean it everyone: this Jonas Bros performance needs to happen. It has to happen. It MUST! (call your senators!) And just to be safe, we’re sending out an “S.O.S.”

And for fun, here’s their performance of “SOS” from when they were on FNMTV last year.