Tony Oller Excited to Be Rising Star And Getting SayNow Soon


-Tony Oller recently blogged about a few things. First off, he’s super excited to have won our Rising Star Award. He will also be updating his youtube soon with more footage from Norway and more. Check it out below. Congrats again Tony!

Hey everybody,

This is soo tight! I just found out from Alex from Holler for Oller that I won Shine On Media’s RISING STAR AWARD! Then I also saw all the comments you guys posted here on my myspace. That is so cool you have no idea. That’s the best way to start out 2009 so THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS FOR VOTING FOR ME AND THANKS TO SHINE ON MEDIA FOR THE VERY COOL SITE AND ALL THE SUPPORT! I put the announcement in a new photo album. I promise to do all I can to fulfill that award. 🙂 🙂

Also, Popstar’s got a blog today asking what male singer besides JB do you want to see in Popstar. Thx for all the votes for me there too! Check out my new photo album I posted today. I’m not done. It’s my little bit of thanks lol. Some things I just grabbed that I saw. 😉

Look out for another new Norway video (Part 4) coming this weekend on January 10!! I might give you a little more info then too. 😉 I just like to tease you because once you see the final video you’ll get it and then all the other videos will make sense. (Well maybe not Part 3 lol but at least I hope it’s giving you a big laugh.) Check em out at

And get this – I’m gonna get a SayNow number! I’m really pumped about that. I didn’t know what it was all about until recently and I think it will be a very cool way to actually let me send my own personal messages to your phone. It could be about anything and that’s the fun part about it. I’ll keep you posted about that once I learn all the details and let you know my when I get it. Then you really can CALL ME and I’ll call ya back! 😉



-Tony O.


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