Is KSM Going To Tour With the Jonas Brothers?


KSM posted a blog to answer some questions commonly asked by fans. You can even comment their blog here to leave them a question. So will they be touring with the Jonas Brothers this summer? Find out the answer below.

F.A.Q. :]

Hey errrbodyy. Here are a few questions that get asked, well.. frequently. Check it out, hope it helps!!

Where are the rest of your tour dates?:
We promise they’re coming! They should be up some time this week. 🙂

Where can I buy tickets?:

That will also be posted shortly, links for where you can get tickets.

I noticed you don’t have a street team for my state. Can I create one?:
Sure! Make sure you get in contact with our Official Street Team, and they’ll help you create the site, and keep you posted on all things KSM.

Do the places you’re playing at have an age limit?:
Nope! They’re all ages.

Are you going on tour with the Jonas Brothers this summer?:
Who knows? We have no idea what tour we’ll be going on this summer, but anything is possible. We’d love to tour with them though! 🙂

Do you guys really run this page, or have someone run it for you?:
We run it! If you ever talk to someone on this page, it’s one of us. We do have an awesome team of people who help us with the appearance of our page, though.