Aly and AJ Unwrap Gifts


-Aly & AJ uploaded another old Christmas video. Here’s the caption:
So…while we were packing up our Christmas decorations now that it’s the new year, we came across this old tape and figured we should put it up (even though its after Christmas! haha). Here’s the 2nd home video! This is us on Christmas morning when Aly was 8 and AJ was 6. It was our old dog Saint’s birthday (yep, her birthday was on Christmas) and we made her do some tricks to earn her birthday cake! Also…check out the sweet horses we got as presents. All you had to do was push the saddle to make it run. Sweet!

We hope you all had a good holiday and fun New Years. 2009 baby! Going to be such a fun year…we’re are so excited to share it with you!!