Tony Oller Norway Bloopers


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Wow this was an awesome experience! This video probably makes no sense (yet) but enjoy!

Featuring some really cool friends Naomi Jo, Vendela, Adrian, camera man Morten, Dag and the Gladiators football team (why not Vikings??).

Factoid #1: there are only like 6 football teams in the whole country of Norway and we found one. The players were cool and they let me act like a real football player lol.
Factoid #2: That isn’t real grass it’s like imported astroturf. There isn’t a single green blade of grass anywhere else in Norway in December because it’s frikkin FREEZING!! I seriously thought I was gonna die of frostbite that night but some of those players were running around like it was nothing, not even wearing any socks like me but acting all toasty warm. wow