Tony Oller Talks Gavin DeGraw


-Tony Oller updated his Myspace Blog about his experience when he went to see Gavin DeGraw in concert. Tony is a big fan of Gavin and even covered one of Gavin’s songs on his youtube. Check it out below:

Hey everybody,

I just realized that I didn’t fill everyone in on the Jingle Jam concert and getting to meet my music idol Gavin DeGraw! That was one of the most awesome nights I’ve ever had. The other performers were Rihanna, Chris Brown, Colbie Caillet and David Archuleta. The concert totally rocked and some crazy things happened that I never expected. So here’s what went down…

I got a cool early Christmas present of a special 4pk of tickets. I took 3 of my buds and we had kinda bad seats but it was all good. This was a really cool present because I actually had been in touch with Gavin through myspace (he’s my biggest musical influence) and he actually wrote back to me. His mgr. said he’d get us backstage passes for the meet and greet with Gavin! I thought no way but there were passes there when we got there. We got to meet Gavin and talk to him and I have to say he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet.

Had some more good luck when I ran into my friend Brooke from Radio Disney Houston. She’s got cred so she got us all moved down to the front row! Thanks Brooke! I got recognized by some ATBR fans. Then all of a sudden there was a mob scene around me which I have to tell you was REALLY cool because I love meeting fans (a big shout out to everyone I met! Comment me with your pics). The next thing I know is security came and said it was a fire hazard because the fans were blocking the aisles so they moved me where? Backstage! I had to stay back there until the lights went down and they wanted me to sneak back to my seat lol. Then I got mobbed on the other side of the stage when I tried to go back to my seat. So it was backstage again but heck I wasn’t complaining! I got to watch most of the concert from there. So get this – that cutie Rihanna actually gave me a sexy little wave after her set. Yea baby! She prob wanted to ask me out but you know her bf Chris was there…too much drama and stuff. haha;) I was watching my back about Chris Brown anyway in case he’s seen my Kiss Kiss video lol. Could have been kinda awkward. They let me back to my seat to watch Gavin’s set and he totally rocked it. At the end of his set he pointed right at me. Which was the most incredible feeling ever!

After the show security told me they had to escort me out a back exit. It was a pretty crazy night for all of us. We had a blast gettin da VIP! Good times.

Check out Gavin’s music at and the pic in my Jingle Jam photo album. I hope I’m as good as him soon! I’m working hard to get there and thx to all of you I’ve got almost a MILLION plays of my songs! Woo hoo!!



-Tony O. 🙂