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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: We have redone the category for “Best Website/Fansite” and this will be the FINAL list. No more will be added. Please understand that we cannot put every single fansite in the world on this list. It’s impossible and we based our nominations off a bunch of things. Please do not be mad if your site was not on here and please don’t e-mail us. Also, people started commenting the wrong post after the deadline, so those sites couldn’t be added and on the original post where you could nominate, we had so many that had the same vote, we added them all. So there are about 37 or so sites nominated. (Also, this is for fansites, no official websites are on the list)

In order to be fair to all the new sites that were added for this final list, voting has been reset, so everyone is back at 0. You can vote 20 times per day in this category. You can use them all on one site or vary it. It’s up to you. We can’t contact all the webmasters, so if your favorite site is nominated, be sure to inform them so that they can get their fans over here to vote. This is going to be an intense race. Congrats to all those nominated.

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The poll is now up HERE. Have fun voting!

Here’s the final list: &
drewseeleystreetteam. com

Vote for all the awards HERE.