A Very Jonas Christmas


Popstar Magazine posted a new blog. They received a Christmas card from the Jonas Brothers and the pic above was on the card. They also recently talked to the boys about the holidays. Check it out below.

What’s a Jonas Christmas like?

Joe: Last year was spent in New York City and that was really cool.

Kevin: Fantastic! One of our favorite Christmases.

Nick: I think this year will be really nice though because we’ll be for the first time at our home in Texas so it will be warm enough to play golf which I’m gonna love but also cold enough to feel like Christmas and all that. And we have our Uncle Josh who lives in Texas and now with our new Aunt, they just got married. Family, friends.

Joe: I think our grandparents are going to come out too.

Nick: It’s going to be really nice, we’re really excited about it.

We’re in the Bahamas which is so strange to me – I hear Christmas music and I’m wearing flip flops! I’ve never been in a warm climate for Christmas!

Kevin: Absolutely, no it’s really funny. We were driving in and this is very new to us being able to be in a warm climate.

Joe: We were in California and like, it’s super hot out but, you know, we’re listening to Christmas music and it’s something we’ve always done every year, listen to Christmas music, and get in the spirit. But it’s much easier when its freezing cold and there’s snow on the ground!

Nick: We’ve been listening to Christmas music for about 2 months now.

Kevin: It all started…

Joe: Being in Kevins car…

Nick: The minute I put another layer on, like other than a t-shirt, when it was cold enough to put like, a long sleeve shirt on, I was like alright! Yeah!

Kevin: I pulled out the turtleneck the other day! I’m like, it’s on! [laughs]

Joe: A scarf, it’s all over. [laughs]

Nick: “Are you tutlenecking?”

Kevin: Yeah, he goes, “Are you turtlenecking right now?” You know it! [laughs]

Joe: It was such a classic “Ron Burgundy” turtleneck.

Kevin: It was like the beige..

Joe: It was like faded beige!

Nick: Faded beige, I like that color.

Kevin: You mean white? [laughs]

Nick: Kind of. [laughs]

What do you guys like to find under the tree? Is there anything every year you look forward to?

Joe: Presents.

Kevin: Stockings are fun for us, it’s all our necessities, like our razors, things that you know you need.

Joe: Stockings are awesome. Chellus are the best. Mom! Chellus! Like little chocolate covered strawberries, the best.

Kevin: Giving gifts is just so exciting.

Nick: The best thing was when I could pay for things with my own money, when I turned like 13 and I could finally have something that I could pay for as opposed to someone else paying for it and that was such a great feeling and then I fell in love with giving gifts as opposed to, you kinda become that age and oh, it’s so much more fun to give them.

Joe: It’s so nice seeing their face when it’s like, “wow, I would totally use this” or “I really like this.”

Kevin: You purchased it like a month ago already, and you’re like, I want to give! You keep going to your closet and ohh, that persons gonna love this, you know, you just get excited! Half our gifts are already in Texas waiting, so.

Nick: I’m not done shopping. I have a couple more people to get…

Kevin: I have not shopped for you boys, I’m gonna be honest with you.

Nick: Me either!

Kevin: OK.

Nick: I say we just don’t give gifts to each other, that’d be good.

Joe: Well I already got your gift.

Nick: Alright, that was me trying to get out of it. [laughs]

Kevin: The gifts that matter are the things you paid attention to someone saying like 8 months ago. That they still don’t have or things like that.